How GeniusFood Works?

Eating Healthy Hassle-Free?

Cooking tasty, health food takes time and great effort. If you lead a busy life your diet can get left behind and this can affect your wellbeing and performance levels. All your food for the day, dropped right to your door. Meals designed by nutritionists, prepared by chefs, and tailored to your goals.

Get Ready To Get Healthy

We use our personalised nutrition algorithm in consultation with a team of qualified nutritionists to ensure that each and every meal is tailored to your unique nutritional requirements, taste preferences, and health and fitness goals.


Get fresh, healthy, nutritionally balanced, gourmet meals delivered to your door
  • No more Planning/Shopping/Cooking/Cleaning
  • Quality produce from trusted suppliers
  • No food waste
  • High quality, fresh ingredients
  • Convenient - take the meals wherever you want
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Achieve your goals fast and easy with Genius Food

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