Healthy & tasty

"Healthy food" can be safely attributed to the most fashionable and relevant trends of modern society. What is a "healthy diet", can it be tasty, and what benefits it can bring? These and other issues concern those who are beginning to think about their health and are planning to entirely switch to a healthy and proper lifestyle.


Having a healthy diet is tasty and exciting. In most cases, people who have switched to a healthy lifestyle notice very quickly how much better, more delicious and richer they began to eat. In the process of transition, you will have to study a certain amount of information in order to understand what products you can eat, what you should not, how to properly process, combine and use them, and last but not least, in what hours it is better to eat goodies so that they do not cause irreparable damage to health and body.


So what does a healthy diet include? Healthy nutrition is, above all, split meals. It is better to eat in small portions 4-5 times a day rather than one big portion. Eating in small portions is really useful as it helps to normalise and improve metabolism, as well as look better and feel good.


A healthy diet involves giving up foods such as fast food, fatty meats, smoked sausages and fish, soft drinks, sweets which contain harmful taste enhancers, etc. No one will make you refuse completely, but at the same time, try to limit the consumption of these products to a minimum.


Switching to a healthy diet, you will add more vegetables and fruits to your menu. A home-made orange lemonade with berries in combination with a homemade burger will surpass any taste expectations. In addition, you will receive the necessary portion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, fibre and more.


Fruit yoghurt bought at the store can be easily replaced with a portion of home-made cottage cheese with fresh berries. An apple pie will replace any creamy dessert, significantly surpassing it in taste and nutritious qualities.