Losing weight in simple terms

The way you look, in simple terms, mostly depends on your diet and lifestyle. If you are a little chubby, and you want to achieve the body of your dreams or lose weight, then you have to follow a diet for weight loss and a little physical activity to stimulate your body better.


If you approach the diet for weight loss with a clearly designed plan, then you are guaranteed to succeed. The basic rules of nutrition for weight loss are a clear calculation of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, adherence to a meal schedule, plenty of water, and of course, refusal of fast carbohydrates and junk food.


Switching to proper nutrition


It is worth starting, first of all, with a gradual decrease in consumption of harmful products, such as: fast food, sweets, flour, fatty foods, then gradually switch to changing your cooking habits, such as refusing to fry. Afterwards, proceed to the calculation of your macros for each meal you eat.


The daily rate of calories/proteins/carbs/fats depends on your individual parameters, physical activity and goal. For example, a diet for weight loss involves a deficiency of calories consumed, which also means that you consume less energy than you spend per day. The average calorie intake is 1200-1400kcal per day. It is necessary to portion your meals so that you eat 5 or more times a day, with breaks between meals of about 2-3 hours. By splitting your food into small portions, you improve the metabolism. It is also necessary to drink enough water. As a guide, the average recommended dose is 2-3 litres of water per day. To have an effective weight loss diet, we recommend you follow the split: proteins - 30%, fats - 20%, carbohydrates - 50%.


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