Losing weight without doing sports: is it possible?

Some people hate diets, and someone hates doing physical activity. All of us dream of losing weight without leaving our comfort zone.


Today we will tell you how you can lose from 5 to 30 kg without going to gym, but keep in mind that you still have to change something in your life in order to achieve success.


Basic principles of weight loss without sports

Your daily routine and your eating habits led you to what you have today and see in the mirror every morning. Some things you have to change straightaway:


• First things first, get enough sleep. At least 8 hours in a ventilated room, and at the right time (it is recommended to go to bed before 21.00). If you go to bed later than midnight and sleep less than expected - wait to see “extra” numbers on the scales.


• Drink 1.5–2 litres of water per day. This is important for the skin, and it also helps to reduce appetite.


• Have a good breakfast and eat the right protein. The first meal may include carbohydrates (1 candy or cookie, honey or banana, berries or ice cream).


You also need need to take care about the calorie deficit throughout the day, and this can be achieved by taking care of the food you eat.


Simple ways to add sport to your life

Even if you have refused training, we recommend that you increase physical activity to keep your muscles toned, accelerate weight loss and increase calorie consumption.


Start walking more, and here is some ideas:


• Wait for the public transport at the next stop. On average there is 300 meters between bus stops in the city. Do some walking and improve your health in no time.


• Take the stairs, not the escalator or elevator. This is useful for the prevention of arthrosis.


• Get a dog. This method is unusual, but if you dreamed of a pet, then this is the right time.


Seems complicated, and you want to quit without even beginning? Don't panic, we’ll tell you how to simplify everything.


How Genius Food can help you lose weight without doing sports?

The most common problem when it comes to losing weight is the need to eat fractionally, tasty and come up with a variety of dishes, but what if all this can be done for you?


Genius Food can do the meal prep for you, and that includes a delicious breakfast, a lunch, dinner, and a snack. All you have to do is meet the courier with the fresh delivery three times a week, and follow the sequence of dishes. You don't need to go shopping, cook, do the cleaning, and count calories anymore!


• Try our Fit menu. It's suitable for those who want to lose weight with comfort, and without strong restrictions. 1500 calories and 4 meals of fresh and healthy dishes per day.


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