Why you can't lose weight fast?

Most of us start to lose weight in extreme situations. Two hours before going on a holiday, a few days before the date with the woman/man of your dreams, or half an hour after receiving a warning from the doctor about heart problems.


People begin to limit themselves to everything, reducing the number of daily calories consumed to levels that are unacceptable for an adult, or even entirely fasting. Indeed, losing weight this way, you can get rid of 5-6 kg per week. But is it worth it to lose weight so fast?


1. Issue

Extreme and fast weight loss cannot have a good effect on health. Due to the lack of fats and carbohydrates, hormonal processes and the metabolic system are entirely disturbed, and the person’s emotional and mental state deteriorates. Believe me, if you do not notice the deterioration of health in the first six months after such experiments, they will come to you later anyway. Gastritis, pancreatitis, dermatological abnormalities, hair loss, liver diseases, digestive disorders, migraines, depression, insomnia - and this is not a complete list of complaints from people who have undergone many days of starvation tests.


The optimal weight loss that has a good effect on health and has a significant impact on appearance is a weight loss of no more than 4-5 kg ​​per month.


2. Issue

When you finish with your strict diet, you are likely to gain your weight back up to 95% very quickly, and also increasing your fat percentage by another 20-30%. The reason is that the fat cells are not as easy to destroy. The human body is unique, but its most important feature is the protection of its own life. Fot this reason the fat accumulates. Depriving your body of food, you will certainly run fat burning processes, but you do not destroy the cells. They will gradually begin to give up the accumulated fat and fill with water. After stopping your diet, they will compensate for everything with triple strength.


3. Issue

During extreme weight loss, the body does not have time to recover and maintain its shape. After burning fat, muscle tissue gradually begins to burn. If at the age of 20 the processes of cell regeneration are quite fast, then after 30 it is almost impossible to recover. As a result, you will get -30 kg on the scales, but you will not be able to wear shorts or a tank top, because loose and sagging skin is much more unpleasant than a slightly plump, but elastic body.